Russ Meyer's "Cleavage Collection" 4-Disc Set

Russ Meyer's "Cleavage Collection" 4-Disc Set
Russ Meyer's "Cleavage Collection" 4-Disc Set
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Russ Meyer's "Cleavage Collection" 4-Disc Set


4 DVD Set

  •  Finders Keepers, Lovers Weepers . . . socks it to you... the flesh, fantasy, and action... unencumbered by parlour analysis or suburban sociology. Russ Meyer's spirited ruttings happen on pool tables, in showers, in swimming pools... even in BEDROOMS!
  •  Good Morning and Goodbye! ... for those who measure success only in the hours before the morning light! Without compromise, without apology, and without question, Russ Meyer has made an honest motion picture which explores the deepest complexities of contemporary life, as applied to love and marriage in these United States.
  • Common-Law Cabin ... a busted out tourist trap under arizona's hot desert sun... a way out, raunchy dude ranch... far enough up river from town to escape the prying-eyed, suspicious curiosity of the law. A slow, simmering look at three fast boiling women at the mercy of themselvers... their twisted morals... their insatiable appetites...
  • Bonus Disc . . . 23 minute Promotional Reel used by Russ Meyer at trade shows. Includes trailers, clips, previews.

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