Good Morning & Goodbye

Good Morning & Goodbye
Good Morning & Goodbye
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Color/80 Minutes Without compromise, without apology, and without question, Russ Meyer has made an honest motion picture which explores the deepest complexities of contemporary life, as applied to love and marriage in these United States. The characters in GOOD MORNING AND GOODBYE! are identifiable...perhaps even familiar...the melon-breasted ANGEL is a walking message; a living invitation - an exaggerated embodiment of the name, woman. She is the cushion of evil on the throne of immorality...LANA is seventeen, with a slim beautifully curved body carried gracefully on long, intriguing legs. Truly a delicious child...with the mind of a mature woman...LOTTIE...High horsepower...on a Volkswagen frame. A string of "ladyfingers" that never stop exploding and detonating, with a percussion and snap beyond their size. HAJI...elusive, hauntingly seductive, a sorceress...a naked witch, if you will...but beyond everything, a woman. A woman who talks of evil things as she dances and weaves a special spell. A woman who is there before you, and then, like gossamer, disappears. SYLVIA...the go-go dancer...with a bosom of truly incredible dimension. And Carol Peters as THE NUDE...connical, cantilevered...capacious with a capital double-D...floating gracefully across the silver screen. GOOD MORNING AND GOODBYE!...for those who measure success only in the hours before the morning light.

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